A CrossFit Lifestyle

A CrossFit Lifestyle

By Tara Holmes, Sports Editor

CrossFit isn’t simply a means of working out to stay in shape or a way to let off some steam. For Chattanooga State student, Braeden Long, and UTC sophomore, Cale Gregory, CrossFit is a way of life.

Twenty two year old Braeden Long began his journey in CrossFit in February 2013. Long’s original intent with CrossFit was to quickly shape up to join the Navy, but instead discovered a larger appreciation for what it could offer him not only physically, but mentally as well. For nearly three years, Long has gone from a newbie who trained in his back yard several days a week to dedicated athlete who trains an average of six days a week, morphing his once mere exercise routine into a serious lifestyle change. Along with pursuing a degree in exercise science, Long also coaches 16 classes a week at CrossFit Brigade, the gym where he trains.

Nashville native Cale Gregory, got a later start with CrossFit. He first saw competitions on ESPN in January of 2014 and saw it as a way to get in shape fast. After making the choice to give CrossFit a try, Gregory split his time training between a local gym 2-3 days a week and working out at home. Though not as invested as his roommate, Long, Gregory is currently working to receive his degree in marketing from UTC.

According to both Long and Gregory, a typical training week for them includes various strength training workouts, cardio, with light recovery days. Most people might be under the impression that being so active in the sport and as dedicated as these two men are that their typical eating habits might be hindered. However, they assured me that to keep their energy up for vigorous training sessions and other daily activities they eat as much as possible.

Since they began CrossFit, both athletes have participated in numerous competitions all across the U.S. and plan to continue the trend of 5-10 competitions per year as long as possible. Their love stems from the CrossFit community, the relationships and lifelong friends that they have both gained thus far from their experiences.