A Southerners Weakness

The South is full of strong-willed folks and it seems like barely anything can bring them down. There is one thing, however, that has the power to shut down towns, cities, and states.

January 6th marked the first snow of 2017 for the southeastern region of the U.S. Most colleges and public schools closed in advance to ensure the safety of teachers, staff, and students. Many took the day off work and dared not venture outside of the home (except to get our milk and bread, of course). Yet, for some Tennessee cities, there was not a snowflake in sight for the majority of the day. It wasn’t until the sun set in Chattanooga that the heavens opened up and let the snow fall.

Most parts of Chattanooga received no more than an inch of snow. Most Northerners would consider this to be a light dusting, if even. For those of us that have never left the south, though, it snowed and we ain’t leaving the house till its back in the 40s. Which is actually very good because the majority have no idea how to drive in this kind of weather at all. Neither do we have snow plows or salt trucks in excess to care for our winding mountain roads.

So to all those mocking the South on its inability to function when it snows, we were not built for this and neither is our terrain. Snow is our Achilles heel and we are not ashamed of it. But mind you, we did survive the Great Blizzard of ’93.