Book Review: The Wicked Aren’t as They Seem

The Wicked Aren’t as They Seem

By Austin Aderholt


            Author Danielle Paige takes everything you thought you knew about L. Frank Baum’s classic, sucks it up into a tornado, and sends it down the Yellow Brick Highway to Hell. In Dorothy Must Die, the (Not so) Wonderful World of Oz Is having all of its magic sucked dry by the maniacal, power hungry Princess Dorothy Gale. Her evil cohorts include the Tin Woodman, the Scarecrow, the Lion, and Glinda the “Good”.

Like most dystopian novels, we first find a young heroine in the middle of a personal crisis. Between having a pill-head mom, an absent dad, and a pregnant prom queen nemesis, you could say that Amy Gumm’s life isn’t perfect. As if those things weren’t enough, all of her classmates call her “Salvation Amy” to poke fun at how poor she is. Just when Amy is ready to give it all up, her life changes in an instant. As a tornado rips through her trailer park, Amy is put face to face with her certain death. Although she should be dead, she wakes up in a mysterious place called Oz.

While traveling down the Yellow Brick Road, Amy meets some interesting company, and she is soon recruited to be a part of the Magical Order of the Wicked. The Order is comprised completely of wicked witches who may or may not have put their past behind them for the greater good of Oz. The witches then tell Amy without hesitation why she has been brought to Oz- To kill Dorothy.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone that loves books of this dystopian genre. Also, with it’s sequels, prequels, and e-book novellas, there’s plenty of content to keep the reader entertained for a while.