Chattanooga gets ready for Mayoral Elections

One of the easiest ways to ensure positive change occurs locally is to get out the vote for city and district elections. Political systems and governments are only as strong as their smallest links, so becoming involved in mayoral elections affects politics from the ground up.

Chattanooga is fortunate this year to have several candidates for its voters to choose from, allowing for everyone to find a vision where they can support a candidate and in turn change the course of local politics. Former Tennessee state Senator for District 10 and Incumbent Mayor Andy Berke is facing off against three other candidates this election cycle. Current City Councilman of District 4, Larry Grohn, former City Councilman David Crockett, and an architectural consultant named Chris Long are attempting to give Mayor Andy Berke a run for his money.

Campaigns this election cycle, so far, have been focused on crime, affordable housing, early childhood education, digital equity, and the creation of new jobs. Early voting begins February 15th and runs through March 2nd; regular voting ensues March 7th. It is important that each and every Chattanoogan’s voice is heard loud and clear, so get out the vote on March 7th, and vote your conscious!