Combining Education with STEM and the Hunter Museum

By Janeice Lindsay

How can I digitally recreate or renovate an art piece from the Hunter Museum of American Art? This was the question posed to STEM students for Unit two.

Unit two has started at the STEM school of Chattanooga. Since the end of unit one, the STEM students and faculty wasted no time jumping right into the next unit. For these four weeks of unit two, STEM students have been given a new PBL topic. Students have to take a piece of art from the Hunter Museum and manipulate that piece into something that the piece represents. Here is the catch; Students not only have to recreate a piece of artwork, it has to be recreated digitally.

Of course this PBL won’t be as easy as pie, or as hard as a rock but it will require some critical thinking. It will also require communication throughout the unit. The basis of this PBL is to help promote creativity and originality. This will give the STEM students a chance to express themselves through art. It also gives the student, the chance to come up with a way to incorporate some basic and advanced mathematics along with science behind what they will create.

Towards the end of this PBL unit, students will have the chance to visit the Hunter Museum where they will presents their recreated piece to the public. The goal is to give students a challenge with public speaking skills mixed with the communication skills that allow teamwork.

There are limitless ideas as to how art can be recreated, but only one chance to see how it’s done.



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