DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s day is approaching fast, which means you are most likely scrambling for the perfect gift for that special someone. It’s always tough deciding exactly what kind of gift would suit your loved ones, but never fear. There is always a solution.

The most important part of any gift is making it personal. If you think of some of your favorite gifts, they were probably all given by someone who knew you better than some random acquaintance. Find a way to prove that you know them and then express what it is you like/love about them.

For the traditional type, you could always throw together a cheap valentines card with a witty excerpt and a personalized message inside. Most people appreciate simplicity. Don’t forget to draw all kinds of crooked hearts to truly grasp the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

If you’re more of the romantic type, a simple dinner in the park or under stars always does the trick. All you have to do is throw together a cheap dinner and find some secluded area with a beautiful view. To top it off, spend the evening reminding your significant other of all the reasons you love them. Romantic gestures like these are always winners.

However, sometimes the cheesier the gift, the more touching it can be. Homemade coupons for anything like one hug or an evening dinner are about as cheap and easy as you can get. Throw together four or five and be sure to follow through when that loved one redeems them.

Remember that you won’t always find the perfect gift for someone, but if you give them something that shows you care, chances are they’ll love it.