Evolution of Relationships

Evolution of Relationships
By Kaitlyn Martin


It’s safe to say that the idea of a relationship is not what it used to be. Compare an old 1950s romance film to a 2015 romance film and the differences are blatant.

When mentioning the term “relationship”, it used to conjure thoughts of two individuals having romantic interest in each other and going out for romantic candle lit evenings while living happily ever after.

In today’s world the only place you’re going to find that depiction of a relationship is in a Disney movie.

Lurking in the realms of relationships are several different types of pseudo-relationships, with the two most popular being “friends with benefits” and “situationships”.

While the difference between the two walks a fine line, individuals seem to easily differentiate between the two.

When asked about the meaning behind a situationship, media technology student Lindsey Daniels said, “I believe a situationship to be a pseudo-relationship. One party involved wants commitment while the other party is indifferent. The one wanting commitment knows how the other person feels yet continues to be involved in this situation.”

Daniels continues as she describes this type of relationship to be draining upon the fully committed party by stating, “…I can undoubtedly say they suck on all levels.”

So, from this view it seems that a situationship mimics a true committed relationship on all levels, emotional, psychological and physical, but lacks the official title of a relationship as well as one individual is not as committed as they seem.

When diving in to find out what exactly a friends with benefits relationship looks like, media technology student Amanda Griffin offered some insight when she said, “Friends with benefits is someone I would call up at 2AM or when I was lonely.”

So from this perspective, a friends with benefits relationship would be a commitment between two people to be there for each other both emotionally and physically, but the emotional attachment does not compare to that of a true, committed long-term relationship.

So if the idea of finding an individual to be in a committed relationship wasn’t difficult enough, now we have to weed out those who are merely searching for these pseudo-relationships.