Family Equals Time to Rock Around the Clock

By Jennifer Garner

I have a strange addiction to clocks, the tick toking sound seems to soothe me. I had been wanting a clock to go in my living room for the longest, and of course Pinterest was my immediate go to source. My inspiration came from doityourself-today. You put clock hands on the wall, and place 12 picture frames around the hands. Each frame is to represent each hour on a clock. With the quote, “Time spent with family, is worth every second.” Perfect, I thought. Until it was time to put the daggum thing together.

So I began stalking my family on Facebook, to put in my 12 frames. Luckily Walgreens is now connected to Facebook. All you have to do is log into your Walgreens photo account, when asked where you want to import photos from choose Facebook. Pretty great, right? And very creepy…I simply tagged myself in my family’s own photos and they showed up for Walgreens to print. Go ahead and freak yourself out thinking about how many walls your face is plastered on, from people doing this. Just don’t scream.

Wall Clock

Anywho, I excitedly drove myself to Walgreens and picked my photos up. As soon as I got home I started putting them in my frames. (I used 4×6 and 5×7) You can find the clock hand kit at Michaels, I want to say it cost around ten dollars. However, I didn’t think this through. I forgot the compartment holding the battery. I couldn’t just stick it on the wall. I took an old record I had and made the center hole slightly larger. I thought I could write the quote on the record, but I also thought the quote read, “Time spent with family, is time well spent.” Time and Spent wrote twice on a single record was my 1st mistake.

The 2nd mistake would be the fact I only had 9 frames on hand. I hate waiting and decided to go ahead and just put it all together. I cascaded my 9 pictures around the record and stepped back with pride. Only to have my pride crumble as I noticed how it looks nothing like what I had attempted to copy. If you try this, I hope you have better success than I did. I don’t plan on correcting my “wall-clock” I like looking at this fail. I’m signing off with a sarcastic Nailed, it smirk.
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