From Chattanooga State to the Silver Screen

By Will Mills,

Multimedia Journalist – STAFF


Over the summer the media club went to Louisville Kentucky for a film festival. While they were there they saw other student films which inspired the students to plan more films to be made at Chattanooga State. They and I, yes I am apart of the media club as well, went to the Fright Night Film Festival and was introduced to other filmmakers. Some were just starting off like most of our students but others had been making films for decades. Which inspired a lot of the students including myself to continue on the path of film making.

The media club sat in on panels and Q & A’s with these filmmakers and discussed how they made their films and what tips and advice they could give us. They over all consensus was content. You got to have content in order to start any project. It generally doesn’t matter what camera you use as long as you have content to put in front of the camera.

Also while the media club was up in the great city of Louisville we started filming a short film of our very own. The writer and one of the Stars of this film was John Prince our media club President. I the director of the film is the treasurer of the media club as well. The film couldn’t have been done if it wasn’t for the rest of the guys and gals that made this film with us. While speaking with John Prince, the Media Club president, he said, “ The media club is always looking for more students who are aspiring to be creative.”

Over all the trip was an all around learning experience and all of us can not wait to go back next year.