Geek Week

Looking for events where you can freak the geek out? Chattanooga State’s Geek Club has a whole list of events planned out for the school for students to unleash their inner geek. I, Joshua D. Marshall who is new to Communicator, went behind the scenes to meet the members of this spontaneous group of students who are in the mix of preparing major upcoming events. In charge of it all is Emily McElroy (president of the Geek Club) along with Aaron Lindorfer (Communications Officer) and Samantha (Freshman Intern Senator).

A few of the things the crew are planning includes last Friday’s movie event (Newsies), an upcoming zombie walk, and even a Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate! Seems epic, doesn’t it? But putting together these major events is no walk in the park. For instance, there are a lot of legal hoops to jump through and not to mention cost as well. The best example would be the upcoming zombie walk. The team had been discussing safety issues that had occurred during other zombie walks which includes violence against zombies. They want to be sure that events such as the zombie walk are both fun and safe for people of all ages and backgrounds. So be sure to check out all the wicked events being planned out for the school year! And don’t be afraid to unleash your inner geek!