It’s Fall Y’all!

With Fall comes along many great things: we have football, beautiful colors, free entertainment (jumping in leaves), hoodies, smores, campfires, etc. Fall is by far loved by many.

All the football fans are screaming and cheering as the NFL season kicked off and with the new SEC channel offered, fall football is truly here. Baseball season is almost over and fans can finally put their team spirit efforts on a sport that actually matters. :) Most husbands will be MIA during the games, and those classy southern ladies will suddenly turn brutal as the game plays.

Finally, we can unpack our stored cool weather clothing and start layering our attire. Cold neck? Grab a scarf. Cold knees? Wear a stylish boot cuff. Ladies are jumping for joy as they unpack their oversized hoodies and pair them with some stretchy, comfy leggings.

Whoa, you can breathe when you walk outside; yes the hot, humid, smoldering air gone. Thank goodness!Breezy, cool nights are great for two things, cuddling and campfires. With campfires comes roasted hotdogs and finger licking smores, oh man!

The colorful array of foliage autumn brings with it is mesmerizing, eye catching, and simply put– beautiful. This makes any person want to get outside and be in the sunshine. Without having a heat stroke of course.

Maybe because the weather is cooler it seems there is better TV shows on. Which is a definite plus for all the TV gurus out there.

But the ultimate reason to love Fall would be Halloween, that wonderful last day of the month. The one day dedicated to scaring the bageezes out of your friends and dressing up as colorful as the leaves. Be sure to crawl onto the couch and turn on a movie that’s a scream. Some great suggestions are: Insidious, The Descent, The Conjuring, The Crazies, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Jeepers Creepers, Carrie, and last but not least Devil’s Rejects. Enjoy this month/season guys!

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