Let The Madness Begin: 2017 Printable NCAA tournament bracket

It’s March 13th and its that time of year again. Are you ready for the Madness? The NCAA tournament bracket and the field of 68 teams was released last night and the action will tip off Tuesday night at 6:40 p.m. on truTV

One of the best traditions in all of sports is filling out a March Madness bracket each year. As a sports fan its something you have to do. If you don’t fill out your bracket then you aren’t even a real fan. Even fake fans fill out a bracket.

There are many ways to fill out a bracket. You can download an app, fill one out on a website, or there is my favorite option. Something that I have been doing since I was a young lad. Printing one out and filling it out by hand. Something about having to write all the team names by hand and then going back and erasing the name and adding the other team name just seems special. (I can still smell the pencil lead mixed with eraser shavings)

There is no way that you will fill out your bracket completely 100% correct. You probably won’t even get close. But that is what makes filling out a bracket each March so fun.

So do yourself a favor click the link Here and print yourself off a bracket or 5 and try your best to fill it out how you think it will all happen. Or maybe even fill it out where your favorite 12 seed shocks the world and wins the whole thing. Who knows? It might really happen and then you will have a paper copy to prove to every one that you predicted it correctly. That’s just one of the many reasons why this timeless classic will never grow old.

Here are the step by step instructions to having the perfect bracket. Pay close attention.

Step 1: Click link and print bracket

Step 2: Fill out bracket the way you think the games will play out.

Step 3: Print a second bracket

Step 4: Fill out bracket with only upsets and crazy results.

Step 5: Print a third bracket.

Step 6: Fill out bracket by mixing the two other brackets you just filled out.

Step 7: Throw that bracket in the trash and then print a fourth bracket.

Step 8: Give your hand a rest.

Step 9: Fill out bracket from your heart. Don’t second guess yourself. Trust your instinct.

And there you have it. Steps to completing the perfect bracket. Trust me it works. You can thank me later.

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