Library Etiquette

Benjamin Franklin was asked to donate a bell to the town named after him. He opted instead to donate books with the rationale that “sense was preferable to sound” and in so doing created the first public library. Since then libraries in America have been store houses of information and education.

Kolwyck Library at Chattanooga State opts to honor the long tradition of library public service but for that, they need you. Yes you, reading this right now. The library is one of the best places on campus to study and get work done. This isn’t just because books and computers are available for student use. Rather, it’s a great place to study because students follow basic etiquette.

Kolwyck Library is developing it’s own set of guidelines that are designed to help students coexist in the library and use the resources effectively.

For instance the part of the code that says “save your work” really helps the individual student more than those around them. It does help everyone though. If someone loses a 10 page paper because they didn’t save it, they’ll be understandably frustrated, and less likely to treat their fellow students with respect. Treating others with respect is another library code.

Most of the code is helpful reminders of things students already know how to do but it never hurts to have a reminder. To see other Kolwyck Library guidelines check out the sign on the right at the library doors. Don’t forget the most important guideline of all. Enjoy your library.