Lights, camera, action

Lights, camera, action
By Jet Smith
Contributing Writer


As 2015 is eclipsed by the coming year, sophomore students at Chattanooga State make preparations to part ways after the approaching spring semester— their final semester at the college. Intent to graduate forms make their way into the school’s database, and while this signifies the end of the academic road at Chattanooga State for a large number of the students, some will continue their education into the summer semester to tie up loose ends. A select group of media students prepare for what the summer has to offer.


Photo courtesy of Jet Smith

Media Technology student utilize their skills attained from classes to produce films.

Within the media program at Chatt State is the Professional Film and Television Training course, where aspiring filmmakers and eager media students congregate to pursue their passion for all things cinema and TV tech. The course is a hands-on learning experience that intends to provide footing for the pursuit of a career within media technology.

This coming summer, the PFTT family will focus on nothing but producing quality film work that will add significant traction to the resumes of the film students, as well as supply them with much needed training that includes the hands-on use of cameras, lights, and audio equipment, as well as the more strategic roles of directors and producers. A spring graduation does not mark the end of the road for these students, but instead marks a new beginning for ambitious filmmakers.