Meet your 2015-2016 Lady Tiger Basketball Team

2015-2016 Lady Tigers (sophomores) 

Sydney Sims: Sydney is a 20 year old exercise science major from Nashville, TN. Sydney got her start in basketball in the 7th grade. While basketball is clearly a priority in Sydney’s life, she also loves ballet, and attended a performing arts school for dance.


Lee Williams: Lee is a pre-med/transfer student at Chattanooga State. The 20 year old shooting guard is one of our international players from Ontario. She loves Disney movies and before she began playing basketball she did ballet.


Raujua Terry: Raujua comes to us from Louisville, KY. She originally wanted to be a cheerleader but after her brother signed her up to play for a recreational team she decided to stick with basketball. She is majoring in business.


Miya Williams: Miya is a business major and another one of the international players from Ontario. She has a twin sister, Lee, who also plays basketball for Chattanooga State. Miya enjoys playing the clarinet, saxophone, and the piano.


Teondra Crawford: Teondra is a guard from Nashville, TN. At only 4’10”, she is the shortest player on the team, but has never let her size hinder her performance on the court. She is majoring in English and her favorite basketball player is Candace Parker, former UTK player.Teonfra 

Melva Sheppard: Melva is a 22 year old sophomore from Chattanooga, TN. According to her fellow teammates she is very silly and spends her spare time sleeping. When she was a child, Melva wanted to be more like her sister so she decided to start playing basketball. After college she plans on pursuing a career in cartoon drawing.


Kiera Jones: Kiera is a sophomore from Radcliff, KY. The 19 year guard got her start in basketball when her parents decided to sign her up, she also played soccer. Kieara is currently working on her degree in physical therapy.


Breonna Armstrong: Breonna is a Chattanooga native, she attended Red Bank High School. She is a 22 year old sophomore majoring in math. Breonna watched her dad and brother play basketball as a child and decided to follow in their footsteps.


November Schedule Women:


Nov. 6   8:30    Dyersburg St. @ Dyersburg St.

Nov. 7   5:00   Southwest   @    Southwest Tennessee

Nov. 9   5:00   Milligan College JV @ home

Nov. 13   7:30   Jackson St.   @ home

Nov. 14   4:00   Columbia St.   @ home

Nov. 18   5:30   S. GA Tech @ home

Nov. 20     8:30     Motlow St. @ Motlow St.

Nov. 21     4:00   Volunteer St.   @ Volunteer St.

Nov. 29     2:00     Snead St.   @   home

Nov. 30     5:30     Atlanta Metro     @     Atlanta metropolitan