Middle College Renamed

By Cullen Smiddie

Sports Editor

On January 21, a press conference was held announcing the overhaul of Chattanooga State’s Middle College High School program and it’s renaming to Collegiate High at Chattanooga State beginning Fall ,2014. Not only will the program be changing its name, it will be taking on more students. Collegiate High will be accepting high school students in Hamilton County in all grades 9-12 beginning Fall 2014. Students will be able to finish their high school diplomas while also having the opportunity to earn their associates degrees as well. The tuition will be less than $5000 to complete the program, considerably less than the  average college student will pay for the same degree, all while completing high school.

Along with accepting new students of all grades in high school, there will be a new facility and faculty added to accommodate the influx of new and younger students. The facility will be called Collegiate High Commons and will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It will require a student identification to enter. This area will be available to Collegiate High students to use for study and socializing. Students enrolled in Collegiate High will also have access to all Chattanooga State clubs, student activities, organizations, intramural sports, and student government.