Not All Hikes are in the Woods

Staff Photos By Nathan P. Gayle

There are several places to go hiking in the wilderness around Chattanooga as this series has shown.  But this article is going to be more about an urban hike.

One of my favorite urban hikes is the pedestrian bridge in downtown Chattanooga. I start off in North Chattanooga at the pedestrian bridge, Walnut Street Bridge, that is located at Frazier Ave. and Forest Ave. I walk across the Tennessee River and turn right and head down the hill walk way to Market Street where I turn right and walk towards the Market Street Bridge (Sometimes, if I am feeling froggy, I will turn left and head to the Art District of Chattanooga and walk around the sculptor garden and the sculptures at the Hunter Museum of American Art and then head back across the Walnut Street bridge). I then continue back across the Tennessee River to Coolidge Park. Most of the time I just do the loop that is around the park but I have been known to do the figure eight trail that includes Renaissance Park.

This hike is an easy hike and is a dog friendly one; just clean up after them if they poo. There are nice views of the city, Lookout Mountain and Walden’s Ridge a.k.a Signal Mountain. This hike is almost like an outside mall with all of the shops, eateries and the antique carousel. The only down side is there is not too many free parking spaces so on a beautiful day you will more than likely have to pay for parking. And just like any other hike be aware of your surroundings because when you are going across Market Street Bridge and other parts there are cars, trucks and bicyclists.