Open Letter of a V-day Hater

By Bethany Johnson, Art Director

Here it comes. The love holiday. The most beloved holiday many of us love to hate.

But really, it is. Being anti-Valentine’s Day is more of a fad than it is an actual stance anymore. I mean, come on, who actually wins on Valentines Day? Most of us have had some heartbreak or another on a V-Day. Look at all the hate memes on the Internet, more heartbreaks than cupid lovers out there. Just saying.

Why can’t we just change what we do on the holiday? I know plenty of students who would rather celebrate the day by eating hot dogs and watching some good ole MTV. Maybe a bottle of “big girl wine” like Averee Dilday suggests.

Valentine’s Day has its roots with  St. Valentine back in the early days of the church. St. Valentine apparently was hitching people that weren’t supposed to be hitched, mainly the soldiers who were forbidden to get married. As the story goes, he healed a jailer’s daughter before he was executed and they fell in love. On the day of his death he wrote her a letter signing it with the phrase “Your Valentine”.  BOOM. Valentines day.

What the heck? How did we get to all this gushy, chocolate infested, rose flinging and diamonds sparkling holiday? It started small and simple. A love note, possibly a small token of affection. But we are AmericansÉ.go big or go home, right? Now it is as commercial as Christmas, more about having to spend money to be the best Valentine in hopes ofÉwellÉ.imagination, you may take off now.

So let us K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid). No matter your feelings on this crazy excuse for a holiday, love something. Whether it is a significant other, family, life, or your fridge, take a day off your New Year’s diet, eat some hot dogs, and laugh as much as possible at all the crazy posts and memes on social media. Happy Valentines Day!

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