Packed house for Dr. Kaku

Dr. Kaku
Dr. Kaku

By Richard Guerrero

Managing Editor

World-renowned theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku stopped by Chattanooga State to introduce his theory on the future, and how the human mind plays a key role in the development of many space age technologies we once thought impossible.

The event was no small occasion, the gymnasium was filled to capacity and there was barely any standing room to hear Dr. Kaku speak.

Dr. Kaku spoke on the mind, and what inventions may help enhance to mind in the future, such as invisibility, teleportation, telepathy, and psychokinesis. He also claimed that time travel may be possible in the future via wormholes, as there is no law of physics preventing this from happening.

Dr. Kaku also claimed that the future of science, and mankind as well could be reasonably predicted by 2020. One of the predictions that Dr. Kaku made is computer chips will cost may cost a penny by the year 2020, and the computer will be everywhere, and nowhere at the same time, via inventions such as smart contacts which hold the internet in their very lenses.

The Communicator was able to ask Dr. Kaku some questions as well. When asked about his legacy, he said” I would like to be remembered as the scientist that helped complete Einstein’s great formula, the formula of everything, the unified string field theory”. When asked about the future of science in the American workforce Dr. Kaku said “Today’s universities equip you to be very profitable and enterprising in the year 1950, unfortunately we are not in the year 1950 anymore. Menial tasks that require repetition will soon be completely mastered by robots”

Dr. Michio Kaku also has a new book available called The Future Of The Mind, it is available on, and local bookstores.