Quiet Campus Hero

When asked, Barbara Sorrow described Chattanooga State Librarian Betsy Fronk , “ She is vivacious, caring, loves music, loves children’s books.” Betsy Fronk has been a part of Chattanooga State’s faculty for fourteen years. “Betsy teaches classes about the library, she is the web page operator and creator, selects books- if a link to a book is broken she would be the one to investigate it.” says Sorrow, who has worked with Fronk for eight years.

Betsy Fronk, originally from Michigan, studied English at the University of Michigan and pursued a career as an English teacher. After graduating she worked with fellowship elementary, and with a latchkey program; but found that it was not for her.

“I was living with my parents, and I saw a flyer in the mail for a three-week Library Science course at nearby university. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it, but my aunt said it’s only three weeks and that’s all I had to lose.” Fronk attended the three week classed, and loved it. She later returned to the University of Michigan and received a master’s degree to become a librarian.

“I enjoy helping students find the best resource for their project. I ask questions-what is it you need or looking for?” says Fronk when asked what she enjoys about being a librarian. “I love the variety of resources and interacting with people.” Fronk helps students from a variety of angles. Fronk teaches information classes about the library, library resources, and how to navigate the library webpage. “ I’m happy that- we had a good instruction program, we now have a better one I think because we have some focus only on instruction.” The classes are to help reach out to student and faculty. “We hope students feel welcome and use all the resources we have.” says Fronk.

                  Outside of the library Fronk enjoys singing in choir and puppetry. “My aunt gave me the puppet as a present for Christmas one year-and I really wasn’t sure what to do with it as first.” Fronk’s puppet is a small stuffed animal, named Gertrude. Gertrude is used to tell stories to children, and is a “naïve sidekick”. Fronk has used her puppet to teach as a children’s librarian, children’s ministry and she has worked with an event for special needs children. “I’ve brought her a time or two to events with elementary kids and it’s hard if I’m supposed to tell stories- that maybe don’t- it’s harder to kind a connection with church stories. I don’t know where I will go with her but I’d like do more with her.”

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