State revenue decrease = student fee increase

Fee Increase Sept 2014 issueBy Staff Writer


This summer, the Tennessee Board of Regents voted in favor of increasing the hourly maintenance fee 5.8 percent at 13 community colleges across the state and 8.5 percent at the 27 Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology.

Board Chancellor, John Morgan explains that due to the unexpected decline in state revenue collections, the outcomes-based funding formula used to allocate state dollars to the institutions was not fully funded this year.

“Had the state been in a position to fund the improved outcomes, the recommend rate increases you see here would have ended up at roughly half of what they are,” said Morgan.


The Tennessee Board of Regents is among the nation’s largest higher education systems, governing 46 post-secondary educational institutions and providing quality post-secondary education to more than 200,000 students across the state.