Study Abroad

Study Abroad
By Danielle Butts, Contributing Writer

Students overwhelmed in hours planning to graduate by the end of the spring semester can stretch out by taking a study abroad course over the summer. Tennessee Consortium for International Studies (TnCIS) provides basic and major concentrated courses from Chattanooga State for students interested in traveling and broadening their horizons.


By studying abroad, students have a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel internationally and gain important skills that make one stand out on their resumes; skills such as self-confidence, responsibility, diversity, and communication.

Many students feel stressed taking five plus classes in order to graduate by the end of the spring semester, yet by balancing the workload into the summer they actually perform better and come out stronger in the long run.


Majority of people write study abroad off because they think they can’t afford it, however, scholarships and grants are available and can cover up to 90% of the cost.

Students like Emerald Butler did not think she could afford a study abroad course, but was granted up to 4,000 dollars for her British Literature course she applied for in Scotland. “I never dreamed I could go to Scotland but I’m so excited.” Said Butler.


Students interested in TnCIS can apply on their website at To be eligible for study abroad, students must have a minimum 2.0 GPA, completed 12 college level credit hours, and be at least 18 years of age. The deadline for applications is February 11, 2016.