Stylist Seeks to Make Mark on World

By Richard Guerrero, Managing Editor

Heather Marie Parent is fashion forward. Parent’s level of passion for fashion sets her (apart or a part) from the average young fashionista. February’s love themed celebrations is a well suited month to showcase this student’s creative drive and fashion-filled endeavors.

Richard Guerrero: So, what is it exactly that you want to do?

Heather Marie Parent: I want to become an international stylist.

Guerrero: What is that?

Parent: Styling means putting together clothes for clients, outfitting clothes for fashion runways, making sure you know what looks good with what.

Guerrero: What about the international part?

Parent: I want to New York, LA, Paris, and Milan, I want to outfit the clothes for the big fashion runways, I want to open international clothing stores as well.

Guerrero: Where did you get your inspiration to be an international stylist?

Parent: Lilly Pulitzer has been my main inspiration for style, I love her designs and prints, and the shapes of her clothes flatter a variety of women as well.

Guerrero: How has attending Chattanooga State helped towards your goal of being an international stylist?

Parent: Chattanooga State has given me the opportunity to take business classes, which will help me start my own business. I was also able to see the business side of fashion. Chattanooga State has helped me know what I need to do to get my name out there

Guerrero: What would you recommend for a Spring outfit?

Parent: A Spring look is all about flats and dresses, floral prints and bright colors. A nice pair of wedges, a dress and a cardigan to go over it

Guerrero: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Parent: In five years I should be done with my program through the QC Style Academy to get certified as a stylist, and I will hopefully have been through two or three internships to help get my name out there. At the end of those five years, hopefully I will be on my way to owning my own business.