Take the WAWL With You


The WAWL has gone through some changes since it was 91.5 WAWL. One of the changes if was going from floating the FM air ways to streaming online at WAWL.org. Will now the WAWL may be found in your pocket on your smart phones or tablets with an app like Tunein.

When asking five random Chattanooga State students if they had heard of the WAWL and all said they had but when asked if they knew they could listen to it on their smart phones most did not know.

Amy Clarke knew she could listen to it on her phone. She said “I can add it to the others [I listen to] and if it is something I like, I stick with it.” Later on she stated “I used to listen to it all of the time.”

Besides Clarke the other four were split with two yes, one maybe and one no. Those numbers are good in this day of multimedia and being able to stream radio stations from all over this country with apps like iHeart Radio and others.

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