The Battle for Zendikar

The Battle for Zendikar

By Brianna Canning

At Midnight Saturday, September 26th, Infinity Flux held a Battle for Zendikar pre-release. Battle for Zendikar is the latest expansion pack for Magic: The Gathering, and there were plenty of people more than ecstatic about new cards.

People get overwhelmed by the game and devote time, money, and energy to it. Shawn “No Shoes” Niznick, a Chattanooga State student, said he has put around ten thousand dollars into the game and owns “an absurd amount” of cards.

The night started off with modern tournament where people used previous magic cards to play games in the back of the store. Those who wished to stay until midnight for the pre-release paid a tournament fee and put their names on a list to receive their gift of a pre-release deck. While waiting for the clock to strike, players ate pizza, drank sodas, and played an Magic The Gathering ring-toss game for prizes. The store also decided to have door prizes themed with the new set.

Once it turned midnight, no one turned into pumpkins, but there sure was a stir in the store. Names were called 5 at a time to get a pre-release deck. The deck came with booster packs, a promo card, and a spin-down counter die. Each person got a deck and in forty minutes, make a deck to play with in the tournament.

A list was posted and everyone had a partner for the games. Walking around the room, it was obvious that mostly everyone was happy with their decks. Kaleb Brooks, a University of Tennessee at Chattanooga student, was looking forward to a Gideon or a control card, but after a follow up, said, “I didn’t get any good cards.” He has been playing for six years, and loves going to pre-realeases.

The Magic The Gathering scene is intimidating at first, but go to a place like Infinity Flux and you’ll be welcomed with open arms. The shop has specific nights for Magic, board games, and Pokemon. You can look them up on Facebook or catch them in the store on Hixson Pike.