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ssc article photo                  The Student Support Center (SSC) helps students from all walks of life. Abused, disabled, distressed, female, lonely, male, married, military, married with children, neglected, old, single parent, stressed, timid, underemployed, unemployed, widowed, or young. Even after having moved on, students can find help here. If you need encouragement and support, this is your place. If you need help with access, assignments, computers, time management and more, this is your place. If you need to know someone is on your side or who has the answers or can find the answers, this is your place. If you have been in the military, are unemployed or in need of training, this is your place.

Student Support was one of my first stops when I came back to school at Chattanooga State, so I began learning about myself. I have learned it is never as bad as I think it is. Stress sometimes works for me because it keeps me motivated. I should not be afraid to try to help or tutor others. If I don’t know or have the answer, I can find it or redirect it. I enjoy helping people, which was something I already knew, but by being involved with the SSC that desire was confirmed and has deepened. There are so many important things that happen from this office that it is hard to see the school being effective without it. Also, though not a part of the mission for this office, the Chattanooga State Diversity Club and the Adult Learner Student Organization are advised from this office. Student orientation, retention plans and tutoring collaborations are guided from the SSC.

The office is full of different personalities, so most all students can connect with a staff member. Some students prefer help from a seriousness or light-heartedness. Some students work best with from their heads and other from their hearts. In the SSC, someone will be able to help you.

I have also made more friends at the SSC. Eleanor, John and Tesneem are my buddies, and I’ve come to know the ballplayers and enjoyed a basketball game. I hope to keep going to the games and other activities too. The Veterans Affairs and Workforce offices have a lot of traffic, and I hope I give the vets and their representatives here their due respect. So, I love this office and the people here. Feel free to visit me or the staff at the Student Support Center in OMNI. This is your place.

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