Time is Relevant

By Dr. Jim Catanzaro, President

Twice we’ve had the good fortune of having one of the great “futurist” alive today on our campus, Dr. Michio Kaku.  He’s remarkable because he projects the future from a firm footing — as a world renowned scientist.  One of his most powerful lecture series is now available in four videos you can pull up on YouTube.  It’s called Time.

Here’s one discovery he offers in the series. Most people under 30 experience time as running fast.  So if you ask a millennial to tell you when a minute is up, usually the answer provided is 10 seconds or so before the minute is actually up.  If you ask a senior the same question, commonly the answer given is 10 seconds or so after the minute is up.  Time runs faster the younger you are and, obviously, slower the older you are.  Knowing this, student millennials need to consciously slow down so they don’t make mistakes that come from being hurried.

It’s often noted that senior NFL  quarterbacks drop back with the same time to execute plays as their rookie counterparts, but they complete plays at a higher percentage – not just because of greater experience, but also because they see the field in slower motion than do the rookies. They’re not hurried into interceptions and fumbles.

By the same token, millennial students need to slow down, simplify their everyday lives, and focus on their studies.   This will drive up accuracy – grades – and it will virtually guarantee completion.  Think about it.  Then act on it!

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