Warren Mackey Says Goodbye

By Richard Guerrero

After 39 years of service to Chattanooga State, Warren Mackey is leaving his post as a history professor. Professor Mackey will not be spending his retirement lounging around and enjoying the relaxed life though, he will be keeping rather busy.

Professor Mackey was recently chosen as president-elect of the Tennessee County Commissioners Association.  As Hamilton County commissioner, Mackey had the responsibility of overseeing all of the activity in Hamilton County. As president-elect of the Tennessee County Commissioners Association, Mackey has the responsibility of overseeing the activities of the 95 counties in Tennessee.

When asked about this honor Mackey said that it is “especially gratifying, especially when you stop and think that Tennessee is a very red state, and for the County Commissioners from this state to select me, a Democrat, I think that was huge. Also, Tennessee is a very rural state, we have four metros (metropolitan areas) and for them to entrust and believe that an urban Democrat can represent them in Nashville is a true honor.”

As for his role as Hamilton County Commissioner, Mackey assures that he will keep working just as hard as he was before, “As county commissioner, my main responsibility, my main goal for serving is to find great jobs for Hamilton County. Especially during the 70’s and 80’s I have noticed most of our young kids, once graduated from High School would take all of their talent and their ability, they would take everything to Nashville, Atlanta, or Birmingham, as a matter of fact, when I was 17, I left the comfort of my parent’s home here in Chattanooga to go to Detroit to get a job in the automobile industry.” Keeping local young talent in Chattanooga is very important to Mackey, “It pleases me to no end to help bring a company like Volkswagen to town. As County Commissioner, I had to do the unthinkable, I was one of the five people who voted to raise taxes, out of those taxes came the infrastructure for Volkswagen, we were also able to build new schools such as East Hamilton and Signal Mountain.”

Commissioner Mackey will also be keeping busy running his headstone and monument shop, Mackey’s Monuments located on Highway 58.