Windows 8: Meh

By Mark L. Compton, Staff Writer

So this semester I visited our wonderful bookstore here on campus and picked up a HP net-book. While I’d prefer to write an article about how well it functions, I can’t. It came with Windows 8, and let me tell you guys and girls something. I hate it.

First off, let us start with the User Interface. The touchscreen UI (User Interface) is great for tablets or even for a smartphone, but for a laptop or a desktop computer this is completely impractical. Since the release of Windows 95 in August of that year, windows interface has changed little. There was a desktop, and a start menu down in the lower left hand corner. With Windows 8, Microsoft takes 17 years of consistency and throws it out the window by giving you a start screen, forcing you to unlearn how Windows has worked for all of these years and start over.

Then there is the organization of files and programs. In the past if you installed a program, you could go to the aforementioned start menu, and boom: there’s your programs. After installing Microsoft Office on my new device, it took me another 25 minutes to find where Windows 8 had placed the icon to start the program. The same is true of a few other programs I’ve installed in the week I’ve had the device. Windows 8 seems to like making the user play hide-and-go-seek with any new program you install.

And then, there is the fact that programs are no longer called programs, they are now “apps”. Again forcing the consumer to think in terms of tablets and smartphones. This is an operating system for a computer it should run programs. If I want to play Angry Birds I’ll pick up my phone.

Overall, this is a review done after only a week of owning the device. I now have learned to find the desktop, and I’ve pinned all the tools I will need for school to it so I don’t have to spend time hunting for them when I need them. Perhaps over time I’ll grow to like this version of Windows, but I doubt it.

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