Xbox or Playstation?

By Josiah Graves, Web Editor

In a word, no, and yes. Compared to the previous models of each, the newly released Xbox One and Playstation 4 sport hugely upgraded hardware. Both have 8 core processors, 8GB of RAM, and AMD Radeon graphics cards. They both play blu-rays, have updated controllers, USB 3.0 ports and 500 GB hard drives. IGN has a nifty chart comparing the systems and as far as numbers go there isn’t much to differentiate the two except for the price. The Playstation is selling for $399.99 while the Xbox is a full $100 more at $499.99. The price difference is due to mandatory bundling of the Kinect motion sensor with the Xbox and is the result of one major difference: philosophy. Playstation has championed its dedication to the gamers. It has developed relationships with independent game developers and has created an online experience centered around social gaming by incorporating a “share” button on the controller. Playstation also added a new feature where gamers can view the games that their friends are in and can jump into the game at any time. Xbox, on the other hand, has set out to dominate the living room. It has ports for both internet and cable boxes to run through it and allows users to seamlessly move from gaming to, watching TV, to browsing the web. It is this difference in philosophy that consumers are buying into. The tech is the virtually the same, but the way it is used is vastly different.

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