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These Five Healthy Habits May Add More Than A Decade To Your Life

Last updated on September 18, 2020

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Learning another language can keep your mind sharp. Challenging your beliefs strengthens your mind. Increasing willpower just takes a little effort each day and it’s more responsible for your success than IQ. Not getting an education or taking advantage of opportunities are two of the things people look back on their lives and regret the most.

When it comes to making bulletproof coffee, try coconut oil or MCT oil, but be sure to not replace a nutritious breakfast with this delicious morning starter. Sipping green tea comes with several health benefits thanks to its high dose of antioxidants. One of these benefits is a big boost to your metabolism. Studies have shown that green tea not only increases metabolic rate, but can also help burn fat. But who said your morning cup of water has to be plain?

Infuse your water with lemon , herbs, cucumber, and fruit. So, by the time you wake up, your body is likely, already slightly dehydrated. Brushing your teeth every morning and every night is an example of a good habit.

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  • Aloe is widely known to help heal cuts, skin issues, and too much time in the sun, but this plant can be helpful for stomach issues as well.
  • If your morning caffeine just isn’t doing the trick, think about switching your cup of coffee for a glass of green juice.
  • To make ginger tea, add a few tablespoons of finely grated fresh ginger to a cup of boiling water and steep for five minutes.
  • The electrolytes found in bone broth are great at replacing the sodium and potassium that is lost from drinking alcohol.
  • While it seems that bone broth is the answer to everything these days, it can certainly help tame those hangover woes.

Here are 10 good habits for any student to be their best selves. Touching can reduce stress, improve team performance, and help you be persuasive. Sex may help prevent heart attacks and cancer, improve your immune system and extend your life. People who use humor to cope with stress have better immune systems, reduced risk of heart attack and stroke, experience less pain during dental work and live longer. Just reminiscing about funny moments can improve your relationship.

Choose an activity that relaxes you, in my case reading or taking a nature walk are a couple good ones. Most of us try to be the best student we can possibly be. We want to volunteer, try to get the best grades possible, participate in school sports, clubs, and other extracurricular activities. In other words, we want to fill up our KudosWall portfolios as much as we can, so we can be proud of ourselves.

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Any or all of these 10 habits is a good place to start. Quitting a bad habit doubles your chances of happiness, because you not only make room for good things but at the same time you rid yourself of whatever’s dragging you down. I hope you can start adopting these good habits as your own. Keeping these habits has definitely benefited me keep up with the extensive pressures of being a student. With loads of homework and extracurriculars, take at least 20 minutes of time every day to do something that relaxes you herpes.

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