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Return to Campus

Return To Campus

By Amanda Witt  

After a year of social distancing and online classes, Chattanooga State finally announces that students will return to campus this fall.  

“I’m really excited to go back to normal classes,” said Fiona Barrett, a student at Chattanooga state.  

Covid-19 had been a pressing issue for the past year that has kept student and teacher alike from going onto campus. This pandemic has also brought about unique changes in everyday life; some of which have been for the better and others for the worst. 

Tayanna Cox, a student at Chattanooga State, recounts her feelings about the past two semesters, “It’s been hard switching to online classes, I’m not very good at them, so I’m looking forward to being back on campus.” 

Emily Dunlap, professor of psychology at Chattanooga state said, “I miss people but also feel like I’ve gotten to learn stuff that has made me a better human. I’m about burned out on virtual meetings though.”  

While the fall term start date has yet to be announced, it can be assumed through past semesters that Chattanooga state will resume in-person classes sometime between the second and third week of August.  

Chattanooga State will be offering a varying selection of classes this fall, which will allow students to choose between online, in-person, and the new hybrid courses that have been used in place of in-person courses this semester.  

With the general public adjusting to the threat of Covid-19 and vaccines being distributed, spirits are high at Chattanooga State, and many are looking forward to a return to something resembling normal.  

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