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The Return of Sports 

The Return of Sports 

By Logan Rigsby

 Chattanooga-area spring sports confirmed to return after a year of COVD-19 lockdown. 

According to Hamilton County officials, all prep sports are being resumed this spring with anticipation of finishing the year, barring no barriers of course. 

A two-week delay in spring of 2020 turned into a month. That month turned into a whole semester as all sports were cancelled due to the pandemic. This included whole groups of seniors that lost their chance to participate in their final year of sports. 

Gordon Lee’s baseball coach Mike Dunfee conveyed how that made the seniors feel, “Those seniors, it should have been a special time, but it got taken away from those kids”.  

During the summer, some sports started back up, but it was very limited in what they could do.  

However, since all spring sports are played outside, officials believe that social distancing can occur at a much more realistic rate.  

Bernard Childress, who is the executive director of the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association, said, “We refused to give up. Just seeing the looks on the kids’ faces in the fall and winter as they were able to compete and knowing that we don’t have to go through this a second year, it’s a very rewarding feeling.” 

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